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Top Tips

From her extensive teaching work, Anna gives useful and practical lessons and advice for beginners to Flamenco dance. A fantastic starter guide for every new student! Welcome to the world of flamenco dance!
Duration: 3mins 25 secs


Bulerías lies at the heart of all flamenco and is used in many dances as being a dance in it’s own right .In this clip, Ana teaches the bulerías step and llamada and shows how to enter the dance as well as a short section that can be used as part of a bulerías.
Duration:7mins 15secs


Must Have Marking

Marking or ‘Marcaje’ are the movements used to mark the rhythm within Flamenco, working around the song to express the real mood of each dance. Anna show the steps that are used most frequently within Flamenco and demostrates how marking can be translated into various dances.
Duration:4mins 20 secs

Successful Turns

Turns in Flamenco add dynamic and excitement to the dance as well as showing the movement of the dress for women. There are certain key elements that create a successful turn and Anna breaks these down clearly showing how different turns can be used to great effect within the dance.
Duration:3 mins 30 secs


One of the most popularised dances in Flamenco, the Rumba Gitana is fun, light and sassy, needing in some respects less technical prowess. Anna shows some typical Rumba steps that can be used by dancers and non dancers alike to enable everyone to join in this light hearted, party dance!
Duration: 4mins 35 secs

Most Versatile Steps

Flamenco dance is a rich and complicated art form and the more you study the more there is to learn. However there are certain steps, whether rhythmical footwork or graceful marking that are so popular and versatile, they are used by the students and professional dancer alike.
Duration: 4mins 37 secs



Sometimes called ‘Fandanguillos' this dance is often played with castanets but is a lively and pretty dance in it's own right. Anna teaches you a whole fandanguillo verse and demonstrates how you can create an exciting dance using various popular marking steps.
Duration: 6 mins 45 secs



Learn to dance this lively and sensual dance with the simple steps you can follow from this lesson. With each step being broken down and shown with added arm movements, as well as a choreography, you will develop style and technique to enjoy this sassy gypsy dance.
Duration: 8 mins 05 secs



The power and grace that can be transmitted with nothing more than arm movements can be both mesmerising and seductive. Here Anna teaches various arm movements and flowering hand exercises and demonstrates how these can be used to great effect within certain dances, proving that less is definitely more!
Duration 6 mins 55 secs

Indispensable Footwork

A perfect balance for the sensuality of the arms, the dynamic, playful and urgent rhythms created by footwork are an integral part of Flamenco. Anna teaches some of the most versatile, popular yet easy to learn rhythms and shows how they can be used within various dances.
Duration: 7 mins 30 secs
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