BRAND NEW! On Line Flamenco Dance Course

Have you always yearned to dance Flamenco but never found the right Flamenco  teacher?

Are you already studying Flamenco dance but don’t understand everything you’re being taught?

Do you want a Flamenco dance tutorial that teaches not just steps, but style, expression and the essence of Flamenco?

Learn To Dance Flamenco…No Matter What Age, Shape Or Size!

These Flamenco lessons will give you all the tools you need. No previous dance experience necessary. Each element of Flamenco dance will be broken down with slow demonstrations and explanations to insure you come away dancing Flamenco with power and passion!

In this course you will learn:

  • 8 different dance steps (Marcaje) with a variation of skirt and arm movements.
  • 7 different footwork steps and rhythms that can be used in a multitude of Flamenco dances
  • 4 standard arm movements as well as a variety of arm variations for each step.
  • Explanation of Hand clapping (Palmas) with two different rhythmic patterns
  • Invaluable insights and analysis of each element of study.
  • To improve your posture and gain confidence
  • Description and definitions of terms used in Flamenco dance.
  • A full choreography and the tools to create your own dance by understanding the song
  • Guidance and advice on every aspect of dancing Flamenco.

Discover the Power and Passion of Flamenco Dance!

These easy to follow, step by step lessons will guide you gently through the fundamental elements of Flamenco dance. Taught in English, Ana gives complete descriptions and explanations of all the Spanish Flamenco terms you’ll ever need to know.

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