Anna Dueñas León

‘Ana not only personifies the confidence, strength and drama of this beautiful dance, she spreads that energy …5 stars!’
Miranda Glavin, Latest 7 Magazine

Anna is an accomplished flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher currently living in the UK. As well as performing sell out theatre shows with her flamenco company, Amor Flamenco, she has her own Flamenco dance academy: ‘Academia Flamenca’.

Anna teaches flamenco dance is Spain and in the UK. She is an enthusiastic and nurturing teacher who is passionate about communicating the depth and power of authentic flamenco dance to her students, whether online or in person.

‘I started creating the downloads and DVDs because so many of my students were telling me how they struggled to remember the steps, rhythms and movements they were studying in class. Students are very hungry for information and help and I wanted to give them something that would augment their study. What started as something to help my own students, grew and evolved as more people were asking me to help them. I’ve since taught students who’ve had no other formal training other than my DVD’s and downloads and I’ve been thrilled to see just how much they’ve grasped.’

Flamencodance.co.uk now offers information and advice on all things flamenco as well as providing courses, classes, holidays and downloads for flamenco students all over the world.