DVD 1 Alegrías

An Introduction to Flamenco Dance DVD 1 Alegrías


This “Breakthrough” DVD by Flamencodance.co.uk is the first ever flamenco dance instruction DVD to go into such detail in demonstrating and explaining the principal elements essential to students in flamenco dance.

Starting with posture, Anna explains how to position the body correctly in order to develop natural lift and strength without holding tension in the body.

Anna demonstrates and gives an in depth explanation on how to achieve good clean footwork. Building very gradually from very slow to fast speeds Anna teaches you the footwork that every flamenco dancer needs to know.

The expressive movements of the arms contribute immeasurably to the drama and the sensuality of flamenco dance. By breaking down each aspect, from the counts to the hand and wrist movements. Anna explains how to achieve the grace and subtlety of the arm movements with examples of the most popular exercises.

marking or “marcaje” is an essential aspect of flamenco dance. By teaching you the various styles of marking, Anna explains how to use these versatile steps and explains what they represent within a dance.

Palmas is the name given to the rhythmic hand clapping used in flamenco. In this lesson Anna demonstrates the two different styles of palmas used in flamenco. Using the rhythm of Alegrias, Anna teaches some basic patterns, explaining how and when each different style is used.

To conclude, Anna draws from the extensive material in this lesson and creates choreography to one of the most popular flamenco dances, Alegrias. Putting together different footwork rhythms, arms, marking and palmas, Anna demonstrates how all the elements learned earlier can be put together to create and perform a flamenco dance.