DVD 2 Soleá

An Introduction to Flamenco dance DVD 2 Soleá


This DVD focuses on the majestic dance Solea, the lesson contains some of the most popular and versatile exercises in footwork, arms, marking and palmas, culminating in choreography demonstrating how these elements are put together to create a dance.

Nine of the most popular footwork exercises are taught in this lesson, each being broken down and demonstrated slowly before adding guitar accompaniment showing each step at varying speeds.

A variation of arm movements are shown to the haunting melody of Solea with full explanation being given to the to the timing and rhythmic structure being followed.

A flamenco turn is demonstrated to the light rhythm of Guajiras. Each element being broken down in an easy to follow way to show how to add hand, arm and head movements to create a perfect flamenco turn.

Marking or “marcaje” is the name given to some of the movements in flamenco used to mark out the rhythm or “compass”. Anna explains and demonstrates some of the most versatile and useful marking exercises used in flamenco.

Palmas is the name given to the rhythmic hand clapping used in flamenco. Here Anna shows how to mark out the rhythmic pattern of Solea.

Using all of the techniques you have already learned from this lesson, Anna teaches a choreography of Solea, breaking down each part and explaining not only how the dance is put together, but also explaining the mood and emotion of this powerful dance.